The Zombie Within

Dream 30/6/2016

I feel like the whole world is contaminated, like I’m contaminated. There is a part of me that’s very zombie-like, all death and destruction. I don’t want to let it out. Elaine is describing herself. She says she’s got 3 people inside her: Joseph, the zombie, and a 12 year old girl. The 12 year old isn’t aware enough to be useful, so Elaine operates out of Joseph.


I used to have a terrible fear about contamination and being contaminated. I think it stems from growing up Catholic and going to a religious school. The Catholic religion believes that the devil is always there, waiting to tempt you, and bring you down. I wonder how many more people would experience their extrasensory abilities if they didn’t have the belief of the devil hanging over them. Modern psychology isn’t much better than religion in that area. Freud may have done away with the idea of external demons, but he created the idea of the subconscious and its animalistic drives. I think that’s what my zombie dreams are really about. I split out all the parts of me that frighten me and aren’t acceptable, and they emerge in my dreams as something scary and destructive. I know I’m not the only that feels split. I think that’s what Elaine represents in the dream. We all split ourselves into pieces and only show the side of ourselves that we think is acceptable to others. What if we didn’t need to do that? What if every part of us was allowed? That kind of radical acceptance is required for real healing. I know that. I’ve experienced that. So I guess the message of the dream is this: Stop worrying about being contaminated. You already are (because all those things you’re afraid of are inside of you) and it’s okay.


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