The Silver Door

Dream: Undated, sometime in early-2015

I can fly. I have some kind of competition in the country to attend. I’m ready to go, but someone has moved a few cars around and I can’t get to a usable car. I know it will take normal people ages to walk over and get the cars rearranged, so I fly over, pick one up and bring it back. Then I go and get the next one. It’s near a series of power lines. I run into them and am badly shocked. My heart spazzes and stops for a few seconds. I’m in pain. I ask the competition people to call an ambulance, but they refuse. I walk to the nearest place. It’s a bar where people are dancing. I ask several people to call an ambulance. They look at me and then look away. Finally, I see a woman who has a bike/rickshaw. I get in and ask to go to the nearest hospital. She yell out, “Okay, JFK Memorial!” Immediately, we start going down into a tunnel system. I keep losing stuff off the rickshaw (pillows, my jacket, etc…). I tell the driver, but she doesn’t stop. Eventually, we end up stopping because she’s lost. She points to a silver oval door and says it’s a short cut, except we have to walk. The other problem is that it’s owned by the Italian mob and if they catch us in there, they will kill us. People are going in, but I get worried. I ask how long we’ll have before they notice. The woman says ~20 minutes. I decide I don’t want to go that way. A guy comes along asking if I want a lift. I accept. Within minutes though, we’re back at the silver door. We have no choice. We decide to go through. The first 6-7 rooms are very nicely decorated, but I’m worried the doors will lock us in, so I’m always rushing to keep up with the person in front of me and keep the door open. We make it to a different room, kind of dilapidated. Suddenly, there’s no one in front of us. The passageway suddenly has so many more options than just straight ahead. It has stairs and corridors in every direction and even trapdoors going down. The woman decides to go down a flight of stairs only to turn around and say we shouldn’t go that way. Elaine is now with us. We push forward and enter a corridor where bugs fly down very quickly and centipedes/spiders are crawling on the wall. I’m terrified. I sit down and find a spider between my toes. I freak out. Elaine says she’ll check it out. She goes down the corridor. When she comes back, she won’t talk about it. She just heads back the way we came. We assume it’s not safe and follow her. Next to the door we came through, I see a tiny closet door. Wondering what’s inside, I push it open. There’s a window! I look out and I can see a long straight wing of a house underwater. The house is blue with a long semi-flat red rood and wooden support poles sticking out every so often. Where we are is 70% underwater. The bug corridor heads straight down into the murky depths and is completely submerged. It looks like a dead-end. I’m about to suggest we go back and find the long corridor, but somehow I realize we should just go out the window. To fit through it, we’ll have to leave everything we’re carrying (backpacks, supplies, etc…) behind. Once we’re outside, we have to jump from dry area to dry area. The whole place is inundated. We make it to an area with lots of cars and a fire engine. The guy thinks we should break into the firehouse. I’m not so sure. I just want to continue through and find dry land. I wake up.


Here’s what I wrote at the time of the dream: The shock to my heart = awakening process? People don’t help because they’re afraid? After awakening, you have to go through the subconscious [underwater building], which I feel is risky [if you’re caught, they’ll kill you]. At first, I’m following everybody else, always trying to catch up. Then suddenly, there’s no one to follow and I feel lost. I can go any way I choose. The question is, which way is right? Navigating life outside the culture makes me entirely dependent on my intuition, my own internal knowing. What feels right? I go in certain directions and come face to face with deep fears [spiders, etc…]. I’m not curious about exploring in the dream, but rather want to find the quickest way out. There is a feeling that I’ll be trapped in there, unable to ever get out. I must somehow equate the development of my personal awakening with the possibility of madness or death.

Additional Side-note: In Journeys Out of Body, the author talks about the influence of power lines in out-of-body experiences. I wonder if this was a symbolic dream or an out of body experience?




Scouting the Way

Dream: Undated, sometime in 2014

I’m on a river, scouting the way for a series of boats. I jump from one deep patch to the next, trying to make sure there’s no major obstacles. But I forget that way back there was a major waterfall. There’s nothing I can do about it though, so I just hope the people survive and forge ahead.


Sometimes with my personal work I feel like I’m forging the way, helping to show my family that healing is possible [scouting the route]. But I sometimes forget that opening up is hard in the beginning and can be scary [the waterfall]. I know it’s worth it, but everyone has to decide to make the journey for themselves. All I can do is continue living my own life.

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