Two Volcano Dreams

Dream: 24/10/2016

I’m in a geology class. We’re outside, watching a lava flow move towards us. We’re standing against a wall. I climb up the side of the wall, knowing that lava flows are dangerous. As soon as it hits the wall, it starts to pile up and cool. Everyone starts to either laugh or panic. I continue climbing. I see a survey marker. I think I can go through its legs to get to safety, but then I notice a massive plastic strip blocks the way. I keep climbing up the rubble until I’m over the wall. The view on the other side is magnificent.

Dream: 25/10/2016

I’m looking at some sort of map of a volcano. Someone points out where the last eruption/lava flow was. Then they point to another map showing where they will be in the future.


I had these two dreams back to back. Interestingly, they happened the first two days I started experimenting with automatic writing. Not entirely sure what that means…


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