The Egyptian Priest

Dream: Undated, sometime in early 2015

I am in an airport, going on a trip. On the way to my plane, I bump into my cousin Amber. She’s going the other way. I stop. Lindsay takes my bag and I give Amber a big hug. Then I realize I’m going to lose the people in my group and I let her go. We never said anything, just gave each other a big full bodied hug. I get to my gate, but my destination isn’t listed on the screen. Instead, the plane is going somewhere else, but it doesn’t say where. I realize Lindsay left my bag with the group and I have to go find it.  When I get my bag, it accidentally gets put on a conveyor belt where they’re looking for contraband and contamination. I tell the guy it doesn’t belong there. He says “I’ll get it back”, but he doesn’t mark it or anything. I know he’s an Egyptian priest so I don’t argue, but I have a feeling it’s gone for forever. I wait for my bag and slowly the airport fades away and I’m in the desert. The priest is working on a project there. The Prince has come and wants to take up all his time, but the priest is busy. The Prince is beautiful, but he only cares about power. I look at them and think “the one who doesn’t try is the powerful one.”


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