On the Jungle Path

Dream 3/1/2017

Jessica, my younger sister, and I are both on an adventure in Europe, living out of cars. We park in a field but she doesn’t want me next to her so I park across the field. Somehow there are fences between us and I feel very disturbed. I don’t remember there being fences when we first arrived. I can’t see Jessica anymore. I look around. Out in the corner of the field there is a way past the fences. I go through the opening, but it doesn’t take me back to the field. I end up on something called the Jungle Path. I suspect I’m in New Orleans. The jungle path is a series of shops that are connected by a pathway of symbols within interlocking hexagons. When I walk on them, the hexagons light up. I find it exciting until I hear a scream. A shopkeeper is getting robbed. I hide behind a sculpture. The robbers shoot the shopkeeper and leave. I run to him, ask him if he wants me to call 911. He doesn’t have a phone. I tell him I’ll find one and go call an ambulance. He nods. I go, but no one seems to have a phone. Finally, I find a store with a phone, but I can’t remember the address of the shop where I left the man. I’m about to give up, but I don’t. I walk back until I can see the number.  The man is lying in front of #5 on the jungle path. I go back, call the ambulance, and tell them where to find him. When I step out of the shop, I run smack into my parents. Their arms are linked and they’re very drunk. They want me to go with them, but I tell them I have to look after my car. Dad snaps his finger and my car starts rolling down the street. There’s no driver inside. I go running after it, but it’s going too fast for me. Finally it crashes into a garage. The entire left side is dented, but otherwise the car is fine. I get in and park it somewhere safe. Then I go to check on my parents. I don’t find them, but when I’m walking on the jungle path, I realize that if I pause on a hexagon long enough things start to happen. I step on a tiger symbol and the energy of the tiger surrounds me. I am suddenly able to do amazing things! I can climb walls and make massive jumps. I’m really excited about my new abilities when I wake up.


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