Chased through a Lab

Nightmare: 30/12/2016

I’m stuck in a lab. All the corridors are white and it feels like a labyrinth. There crazy men in the building. You can tell where they are by the fact that they sing. They have cuts all over them. If they catch you, they cut you. Leanne, a friend from my waking life, and I run away from them. we run and run. There are certain doors that only the men can go through and only if they’re carrying metal. The mad men have a dog. I want to pet it, but it might warn them where we are. They find us anyways. One of them is babbling about the cuts. “Do you want to see the cuts on my heart?” He asks as he keeps coming towards me. I scream at him to stop and leave me alone, but it doesn’t have any effect.


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