Teachings of Tom Mason

Dream: Undated, sometime in mid-2014

I’m sitting in a truck with Tom Mason (from Falling Skies) and another guy. We’re waiting for his sons who just went into a warehouse, scouting it out. I can feel something isn’t right. I look in the rearview mirror and see that people are coming out of the warehouse. I react too late. A big girl tells me to turn off the truck. I pull the key out but nothing happens, the engine keeps running. She laughs and say, “We need to work on that.” Earlier in the dream, I remember sitting with Tom and he said, “You can be with anyone when it happens. You might be on a plane or a bus or a ferry, and suddenly those people become all you have.” I remember thinking, he’s lost and needs a boost. I told him he was the best teacher I ever had because he made things real, he made them matter. Then suddenly Tom decided to tell me a secret. He told me how to defy gravity using water.


No idea if there’s a deeper meaning to this dream or not. Looks like memory processing to me. I would like to know how to defy gravity using water though…that would be an awesome secret!


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