A Tornado Strikes

Dream: 5/7/2016

I’m with my family. We’re in China (or with a Chinese family?). I really need a shower. Jessica is in the shower belonging to the Chinese family. The son looks at me and says there’s one outside up the hill. I grab my clothes (I’m wearing a robe) and follow him. Immediately, it starts pouring rain. I follow him until it starts raining so hard that I can’t see. I stop, unable to see beyond my nose. My clothes are soaked. I hear a massive rumbling noise. The rain clears enough for me to see a giant tornado coming towards the house. My guide yells at me to go back to the house. We have to warn them. I sit down, but don’t move. We’re too far away. We’re too late.


I didn’t write an interpretation at the time. I could probably make all kinds of symbolic associations, but I’m not sure this dream is symbolic. I googled it. On the day I wrote the dream down, there was a tornado in Wray, Colorado. I don’t think this qualifies as an example of precognition though. About two weeks before I had this dream, there was a rare and destructive tornado in China. It was all over the news. I might have seen an article about it, which could have triggered the dream.


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