Crashing the Corvette

Dream: Undated sometime in mid-2014

I’m with three other people. We’ve decided to take a spin in my father’s car, a corvette. I keep scratching the car accidentally. I tell the people I’m with that we’re in for a bumpy (start/stop) ride. One of them explains it’s because the engine overheats so that car stalls to cool it down. I turn the car on and it leaps to life. We pull out of the driveway and I suddenly realize the brakes don’t work. We’re going in fast, out of control circles. I push the brake down and nothing happens. I look for a way to make it stop and see a grass ridge. I manage to turn the car towards it. When we get onto the ridge, the car skids to a stop. We get out. There’s a professor waiting on the ridge, sitting and waiting in his own car. We’d almost hit him, but he doesn’t seem to notice. I put something on the ground and it is instantly covered in ants. I step back and notice a water barrel full of goldfish. In it, I also notice a black and white striped tropical fish that I think James will like. I fish it out using a bag shaped like a giant goldfish. I show it to my companions but they aren’t interested.


Here’s what I wrote in my dream journal at the time: I’m afraid to claim my independence because I’m afraid I’ll get out of control and go nowhere.

Here’s what I think now: The car represents my masculine driving self, the doer within me. It has a lot of energy [it leaps to life], but without a clear direction and focus, it’s useless [goes in circles] and dangerous [crashes]. When I decide to give up this way of being [get out of the car], I find that things are a lot calmer and that big dramas suddenly don’t seem so relevant [the professor doesn’t notice our crash]. According to some online dream dictionaries, goldfish represent good omens for the future. So perhaps the dream is telling me I have to give up trying to force things in my life (efforting) in order to get the things I want. The tropical fish probably represents how I feel about my relationship with James [i.e. it’s a rare fish surrounded by good fortune]. Op, I just told James this dream and he said, “Something fishy about that…”. Haha 🙂


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