Kitchen in the Sky

Dream: 19/1/2017

I’m pretending to be a waitress at a fancy LA show. Someone puts me on a chair that suddenly whips several stories up into the air. The show is taking place in a hanging glass room, 10 stories up in the air. The room doesn’t seem to have a floor. You can see straight down to the street below. I’m holding a sign that I need to hand over, but I can’t move because I’m terrified of heights. Someone kindly wheels me around the square kitchen in the sky. Everyone working there seems to be walking on air. I hand over the sign. I get off the chair and freak out. I’m going to fall! I cling desperately to a nearby fridge, dangling. A guy comes over at laughs at me. I don’t understand why he’s laughing until I look down and notice a faint shimmer near my feet. I lower myself a little and my feet touch something solid. The floor is made of glass! I just couldn’t see it before. I step fully onto the glass floor and start to relax. The waiters around me aren’t laughing merely smiling.


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