Possible Lucid Dreams?

Dreams from 10/2/2017

Dream 1:

I didn’t remember much of this dream. I only wrote down fragments. Apparently there was something about trying to tame a giant dinosaur. I was working with someone who was absolutely brilliant but socially inept. He seemed to get better the more we worked together. There was also a cheetah involved somehow.

Dream 2:

I’m with a man. We’re running from some bad people who want to hurt us. Suddenly, I realize that I can fly and that just by pointing my fingers at someone in the dream I can make them fly as well. I point at one of the bad guys, and he starts floating up into the cloud with me. He’s shocked at first, but then he recovers and starts thinking nasty thoughts. Immediately he can’t fly anymore and he falls to his death. I think, “He deserved that” and then I can’t fly anymore either. I start falling. I wake up before I hit the ground.


No idea if these were lucid or not. There’s definitely evidence in the second one that I knew I was somehow in control though…


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