The Man in the Machine

Nightmare: Undated, sometime in late-2014

There’s a man in a machine. He’s going to kill me, so I have to kill him first. He looks like Jim Carry. I know we’ve done this dance before. He gets out of his machine and attacks me with a knife. I lacerate his forehead with scissors. He’s going to kill me. Then I turn and see his son shitting blood in the next room. I suddenly become unimportant as he rushes to take care of his son. I see an image of his son as healthy, on a ride with a girl. She’s asking about his mom. He says he likes her because she sounds like his mom in her messages.


I don’t know what this dream means. I think it’s interesting that an incredibly violent figure [the man in the machine] is transformed into a loving caring father, and that my perspective which is at first one of instinct [I protect myself] turns into one of curiosity [watching his son’s memories]. I wonder if maybe my dream life is trying to tell me that things are never as simple as they seem. People that hurt others are often hurting inside themselves. It’s also interesting that this dream came right after asking to know more about my inner feminine. Perhaps the dream is showing me that by fighting against patriarchal values [the ghost in the machine], I’m becoming what I most fear [someone violent] and that the true way forward is to see what’s underneath the surface [the sick child and his memories]. In his memories, the boy wants his love-interest to be like his mother, which is a classic mythological theme (see Oedipus).


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