Darkness in the Lineage

Dream: Undated, sometime in late-2014

I’m on some kind of a spaceship with my family. We have a baby with us. The aliens want her, but I have to protect her. We’re eating dinner. Somehow, I end up getting $200,000 from 1920. I count it out at the table. Then I get paranoid someone will see it. I have to keep it with me. I stuff it in my pockets. We go back to our rooms, and I realize that the aliens have been getting to the baby by possessing people. He’s in the room with the baby now in the shadows. I run from the room. As soon as he sees me, he tries to control me. He’ll use me to take the baby away. I have to tell someone. I’m in Jaime’s room, but she’s dead asleep. I try to talk, but the alien has made it so that I can barely speak. I pause a minute and then I use all of my strength to make an incredibly loud noise that sounds a lot like barfing. Jaime wakes up startled. I try to tell her about the baby, but I wake up.


Here’s what I wrote at the time: Has to do with my unborn brother? I met his spirit last night. He and I have a long term past life connection and I miss him. But for some reason I had to do this life alone. He wasn’t supposed to incarnate this time. There’s some connection to the past between us, something to do with money [the $200,000] and being paid off to keep silent [the issues with speaking]. Maybe the alien represents how I felt about his miscarriage, that some evil force [the aliens] was taking him away from me? Maybe it’s not that brother, maybe it’s about my unborn twin?

Here’s what I think now: This dream seems to be about my belief that there was something evil in my family line. For a long time, I felt that there was something not right about my family, that something there didn’t belong [the alien/possession]. My dad always talked about how our negative traits came from our DNA. “You can’t help it. It’s in your genes,” he would say whenever we make a mistake. And my mom, well she kept her family lineage a secret. We weren’t allowed to talk about it or ask questions.  So, I grew up thinking that my family history must be really bad. I guess I liked to tell myself that I came into the family untainted [an innocent baby], that I actually didn’t belong there and that’s why I always felt excluded and unwelcome. But the dream is opening up the possibility that maybe that darkness is in me too. Maybe that’s why I was born in to my family…

**Side Note: I remember a healing session where the healer mentioned that the pattern of abuse in my family originated with a dark male ancestor who was still haunting the family. In the session, she cleared that ancestor from my energetic system and sent him home. I don’t remember when I had that healing, but it certainly provides another perspective on the dream…


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