Kitchen in the Sky

Dream: 19/1/2017

I’m pretending to be a waitress at a fancy LA show. Someone puts me on a chair that suddenly whips several stories up into the air. The show is taking place in a hanging glass room, 10 stories up in the air. The room doesn’t seem to have a floor. You can see straight down to the street below. I’m holding a sign that I need to hand over, but I can’t move because I’m terrified of heights. Someone kindly wheels me around the square kitchen in the sky. Everyone working there seems to be walking on air. I hand over the sign. I get off the chair and freak out. I’m going to fall! I cling desperately to a nearby fridge, dangling. A guy comes over at laughs at me. I don’t understand why he’s laughing until I look down and notice a faint shimmer near my feet. I lower myself a little and my feet touch something solid. The floor is made of glass! I just couldn’t see it before. I step fully onto the glass floor and start to relax. The waiters around me aren’t laughing merely smiling.


Dream Story: Killing Anger

Dream Story

Due to escalating violence, the government mandates that children be drugged at age 5 so that they don’t feel anger. Violence must be quelled because the living area and the resources have vastly shrunk. Most of humanity has been wiped out. Those who remain have agreed to start a new culture, one of love and peace. It was decided that eliminating anger was the easiest route to achieve this.According the government, anger is the root of the all violence. A simple brain procedure is done to the children. A small unit is placed near the pre-frontal cortex. Whenever anger is sensed, it sends a certain frequency to the brain, one of calm and love. People can no longer trust their own perceptions. They are terrified of all dark emotions. Those without implants are shunned as dangerous and live outside society.


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