A Body in the Kitchen

Dream 18/10/2016

I’m male. I’m standing in a kitchen. There’s a woman. She’s dead. Did I kill her? Did she kill herself? I have to get rid of the body. There’s a cliff with a sluice that goes down to a river nearby. I know because someone told me it would be a great place to dump a body, but only if it is disfigured first. I have an image of vats of chemicals in the desert where the mob disposes of bodies. I imagine being part of that and see myself throwing up. “It’s the heat!” They yell, but I know it’s not. What am I doing? This isn’t me. When I come out of the daydream, the body is gone. I feel relieved and start to clean up. The blood won’t come out of the inside of a cabinet so I cover it up with a cloth. Just when I’m done, a neighbor comes over. She barges in and I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t want to seem suspicious so I do nothing. She goes into the bloody cabinet to find something. I’m frozen. She pulls back the cloth, sees the blood, and then looks at me. I can see she doesn’t understand until she sees my face, guilt-ridden. She hastily makes a retreat and I collapse moaning, “What have I done? What have I done?”


Engulfed in Flames

Dream: 18/10/2016

I am at the University of Auckland, trying to find lunch. I see two guys head down a metal ladder, like the one you would expect to see in a submarine or underground. I decide to follow them. I climb down and find I’m in a meeting chamber. People are handing out vegetarian tofu burgers (which somehow taste delicious). Someone is calling names. They shout first for Mary Anne, but someone says she’s not here. The leaders see me. One of them knows me and points me out. He calls me Dr. Tracy but also Magic (?). He smiles at me, excited I’m here. It makes me uncomfortable so I decide to leave. Outside, I’m chatting to a guy, having fun, when I feel a pull to go back. An Argentinian friend of mine has gotten into the radio box and is singing very sweetly when suddenly the whole place bursts into flames. My friend is consumed by the fire, but he doesn’t stop singing, not once. I try to help him, but it happens way too quickly. There is nothing I can do. I run out of the room. Mary Anne is mopping something up. I yell, “Fire!” She sees my distress and comes running. Together, we put out the flames, but it’s too late. The radio box and my friend are nothing but dust.


I’ve been getting lots of signs recently about the Cathar religion. The Cathars were a religious order in medieval France that were considered heretical. The Roman Catholic church burned them all at the stake. I get the feeling I might have been there in a past life. Perhaps this dream is about processing those memories…

Dream Fragments

Dream Fragments: Undated, sometime in August, 2016

Dream 1

In a variety of different situations, I embellish stories or tell lies. Each time, I wonder why. It’s totally unnecessary.

Dream 2

Rudo and two other witches are persecuting me. No mater where I run or hide they find me

Death by Poison Gas

Dream: 26/6/2016

I work in some kind of lab. We get taken to an island base somewhere because of the global disaster. We set up the lab in a beautiful glass building. I love my supervisor, but I’m angry because her husband treats her terribly. He wants his freedom and no responsibility. There’s thousands of refugees in the building above the lab. My boss is up there, keeping everyone calm. To get to her, I have to wade through people. Down in the lab, I realize that one of the most toxic, explosive gas is leaking into one of the technicians offices. I run up to tell my boss. She says, “Shut it down! And above all make sure no one smokes in it.” An evacuation call sounds. People start to mill around like crazy. I need my boss. I can’t do this on my own. Her husband starts to be a dick and wants to talk about their marriage. I lay into him, telling him what I really think. My boss is shocked. When I see her saddened face, I know I’ve crossed the line. I follow all of the evacuees out of the building. As I do, I pass the contaminated lab. The technician is inside. Some children are trying to get him to open the door. I fall back into the snow, smelling the toxic gas. “Poison!” I blurt out before running away. The tech will be dead in minutes. There might not be enough time to evacuate. I run through the snow, looking for my boss. I see nothing but traffic. The evacuation is pointless. There’s nowhere to go.  I fall down, feeling alone and realizing that the building could explode at any moment. It’s my fault. I didn’t warn the tech. Hundreds might die because of me, because I judged my boss’s relationship and felt I had to intervene. People rush to help me, asking me questions. I try to explain, but everything is foggy. It’s the poison. I’m dying. I wake up.


The feelings in this dream were intense. I felt overwhelmed. Then when I talked to my boss, I felt elated. I was irate with her husband. At the end, I was nauseous and afraid. Throughout the entire dream, I felt a deep sense of isolation.  Was this a vision of a different life/future? The story seems way too coherent to just be symbolic…

Identity: Multiple Lives

Dream Series: Undated, sometime in early-2015

Dream 1

I’m the head of colony of seers. I am struck by how normal we perceive our intuitive gifts, as though nobody has ever experienced life without them. We take them completely for granted.

Dream 2

I’m in a cabin on a ship in the 1800s. I know the boat is going to sink. There’s a tank that I know we can fill with water and escape. I tell my friends, 2 men and a woman. They’re okay until the water starts to rush in. Then they freak out.

Dream 3

I dream that I have no identity, but instead can take on any identity I want. I try one life, then another, then another.

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