Chased through a Lab

Nightmare: 30/12/2016

I’m stuck in a lab. All the corridors are white and it feels like a labyrinth. There crazy men in the building. You can tell where they are by the fact that they sing. They have cuts all over them. If they catch you, they cut you. Leanne, a friend from my waking life, and I run away from them. we run and run. There are certain doors that only the men can go through and only if they’re carrying metal. The mad men have a dog. I want to pet it, but it might warn them where we are. They find us anyways. One of them is babbling about the cuts. “Do you want to see the cuts on my heart?” He asks as he keeps coming towards me. I scream at him to stop and leave me alone, but it doesn’t have any effect.


Two Cockroaches

Dream 14/11/2016

My whole family is camped out in a skyscraper. My sister, Jessica, decides to come to the bathroom with me. We’re talking when all of a sudden a huge dead then another alive cockroach falls out of my vagina into the toilet. We both freak out! We wonder if we should tell the parents but I’m so disgusted and embarrassed that I wake up.


This dream occurred right after I had a bit of a breakthrough and decided to share everything about myself with my partner. I’d been holding back because I was worried about how he would see me, but also because I was afraid to face certain issues. I was so afraid that I would rather break up and avoid them than face them. I’d basically been blocking and projecting my stuff onto my partner for weeks. It was good to finally talk about it all! Also, the dream happened the day after I took my yoni egg out after getting it ‘stuck’ for 2 days.

Cockroaches can apparently mean a few things in dreams. Click here to read about some of the possible meanings. The fact that they came out of my vagina is extremely symbolic. Cockroaches are renowned for living in dirty places and growing up Catholic, I was taught that being female is dirty. There’s actually an awesome article on how being Catholic affects your mindset about being female, being sexual, etc… Click here to read it.


I Can Protect Myself

Nightmare: Undated

I’m in a room with Salma Hayek. We’re talking and suddenly the conversation turns abusive. She begins verbally using me. Then I fall to the floor and she tries to physically abuse me. She’s yelling all kinds of things about dictators and power and Sydney. I keep trying to yell “STOP!”, but at first nothing comes out. I can’t make a sound. I have no voice. Then suddenly I can whisper it if I put the full force of my being behind it. I whisper it again and again and again. Every time I whisper it, it creates a force field around me that starts to drive her back. Still, she tries to get me. I keep holding her at bay and saying stop. My voice is getting louder and louder. Finally I wake up and yell “STOP!” at the top of my lungs. I see a spirit flung away from my body and then run out the door. Now that I’m awake, I know the spirit can’t hurt me. It doesn’t have any power over me any more.


This is definitely about claiming my power back. It was more of an experience, than a dream. Some deep part of me got activated, and I felt SO strong when I yelled that final STOP! and flung the spirit off. The dream made me realize at an incredibly deep level, that I’m actually safe. I can protect myself, and I don’t need to be afraid.

Osiris Nightmare

Nightmare: Undated, sometime in early 2015

I am held captive with a male friend. A group of women chop off his hands and feet. I see him sitting there, dismembered and I start to scream and cry. I’m not upset that it happened. I’m upset because I didn’t do anything to prevent it.


Reminded me a lot of the Osiris myth… Also reminds me of a dream I had years ago. In that dream, I’m driving away from a crime scene. I’m really nervous that the cops will come after me because my prints are all over the crime scene. There isn’t a body, but there is a lot of blood. I know that I dismembered the body and hid all the pieces. I left an empty pair of boots sitting where the body should have been.

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