My Higher Self

Dream 7/7/2016

There is a part of me that knows that everything is perfect, that I am perfect. This self is unlimited and uncensored and so happy it’s almost impossible to contemplate. She spoke to me last night.


The Dangerous Parts

Dream Series: 1/7/2016

Dream 1

I have a dream that I can create anything I want instantly. The trouble is that different parts of me want different things. So whenever I make something, another aspect of me  unmakes it or destroys it. There are lots of parts of me that want to use alien technology and have ideas that futuristic. Interestingly, I see these parts of myself as sick and dangerous.

Dream 2

I’m in the car with Anastasia. She’s smoking. We’re talking about relationships. She really wants to see a movie but doesn’t know which one. I’m not fussed. All the movies seem the same. It’s pouring rain. I leave the car. When I get back, there’s a bum trying to talk to Anastasia. He looks really eccentric and dirty. When I go to get the car, he touches me and suddenly I feel like my face is magnetized to his chest. He’s enjoying my powerlessness. I use all of my will and manage to rip away. I’m worried my skin came off in the process. I get in the car and we drive away.


There’s a lot of common themes between the first dream and the dream from the night before. Once again, I’m split inside. Parts of me want one thing but other parts of me sabotage it. And once again, I see certain parts of myself as dangerous. I’m definitely trying to work something out around that…

The second dream is really interesting. I’m sure I did actually meet Anastasia in the dream, but I feel the bum is a representation of a part of her. On the surface, she’s a nice person but underneath she’s incredibly manipulative. The dream is showing me that I’m getting pulled in and it makes me feel powerless.

I think these dreams are linked because in becoming aware of the parts of myself that I see as dangerous, I’m becoming more aware of the unconscious, dark parts of others.



I go see Rachel

Dream: Undated

I dream about my cousin, Rachel. She has two kids. We get them into bed and go to the grocery store. She asks me about guides. I tell her to come over and I’ll give her some books. She flatly refuses. After that, no matter what I say, she just wants to get back to her kids.


I think I actually met her in the dream state…

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