Sex with the Air

Dream: 2/2/2017

I’m working with Chloe/Lucifer from the TV show Lucifer. I know Lucifer loves Chloe, but I want to have sex with him. I go to his club, but he’s not there. I get into his bedroom and speak my desire. Suddenly, I feel a pressure and I feel like I’m having sex with the air. I can feel him and see him psychically even though I know he’s not there physically. My body moves into all kinds of impossible positions. I like what’s happening, but I’m entirely sure it’s pleasurable. Earlier, I overheard Lucifer talking to his father (God). They were crying because Lucifer said he had erectile dysfunction and his dad said that didn’t happen to men in his family. Eventually, Chloe walks into the bedroom and sees me. I can tell she wants to bust Lucifer (or at least expected to), but I wave my hand around to show he isn’t there.


5 thoughts on “Sex with the Air

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  1. Hello Walkthesacredearth,

    Thank you for sharing your dream, I have not experienced something like this before in a dream as far as I can remember.

    By the way, I am currently watching season one of Lucifer, interesting timing for your dream.

    -John Jr


      1. Hello Walkthesacredearth,

        I liked the first episode, so far I am not liking it as much as you, but it is okay and Maze is an important character. 😉

        -John Jr


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