The Burning Tree

Meditation: 29/11/2016

I was listening to a LightBody meditation, when I realized that I often resist moving into really blissful, flowing states of consciousness. Whenever I start to feel “too good”, there is a part of me that gets scared and shuts everything down. That part of me believes I don’t deserve to feel good and that I will be punished for trying to experience something I don’t deserve. It’s definitely related to some old religious conditioning. Gee thanks Catholic school! Anyways… Near the end of the meditation, I got an image of myself floating on my back above a single perfectly round tree in the middle of a massive green field. While I’m floating, someone (me?) sets the tree on fire and my body gets burned. It burns into ashes, which are carried away by the wind.


Given that I was dealing with some old religious conditioning, the symbol of a burning bush is pretty dramatic. It was after all the way God spoke to Moses (from Exodus: “There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up.”). Interestingly, my burning tree destroys me completely. Maybe that’s my real fear, that if I did come into contact with God there would be nothing left of me. I would just burn up and be destroyed.


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  1. How did you feel during the experience? Maybe it was about a rebirth, like the phoenix. Or maybe instead of “be destroyed” the wind the is carrying you away to be one with everything?
    Thanks for sharing


    1. I didn’t write down anything about how I felt during the experience, so I don’t know. You’re right though, there are potentially several different interpretations! I haven’t an experience of that kind of ultimate oneness yet. Have you?

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      1. I have had some brief experiences where I felt at one with everything. I think it has always happened when I’m alone in nature somewhere, but once with a friend. A kind of stillness, or silence, comes over me. My thoughts vanish without my control. I’m overcome by a great feeling of peace. I feel compelled to sit down where ever I am and engage the feeling. I sit in this stillness. Quiet. Kind of melt into it. In these moments, I feel myself disappear and feel at one with everything. It never lasts more than a few minutes, but it is a feeling of perfection and understanding.

        Reading your post again, also made me think about when I’ve heard people say something like: Strip away your opinions, your likes and dislikes. Now take away your material possessions, your past history, and so on. Now, what is left? And I always think, nothing. You being turned to ashes and blown away reminded me of this.

        Separately, you mention a lightbody meditation twice. What is that?


      2. Dude that idea of stripping everything away and finding that there is nothing left is one of the main tenants of Buddhism. They call is Anatta, the idea that there is no individual soul. I don’t believe that. My experience assures me that each of us does have a larger self-aware soul. I think the worry that I might disappear if I came into contact with that kind of mystical force has more to do with the idea of ego-death than anything else.

        And yeah I’m working my way through the OrinDaben Lightbody course. Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer channel two spirit entities called Orin and Daben, respectively. They created a meditation course which supposedly activated your energetic body and makes spiritual and psychic development easier. I find the meditations incredibly powerful and my life has changed pretty drastically since I started doing them (i.e. long standing family dramas have been healed, relationships have been mended, I’ve become way more centered and confident, I’m way healthier, etc….). You can read about the course here:

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      3. I’m glad you told me this about Buddhism. I had to go and do a little research. I always thought they believed an individual soul is continuously reborn, but I just read that is hinduism. Turns out I am more in line with Buddhism than I thought. You know, it’s not that the belief is that there is no soul, just no individual soul that is unique to the self that will continue on for eternity. I like this quote from Walpola Rahula, “The person who dies here and is reborn elsewhere is neither the same person, nor another,”

        Thanks for the information about the lightbody meditation. I’m glad it has been able to help you so much.


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