A Body in the Kitchen

Dream 18/10/2016

I’m male. I’m standing in a kitchen. There’s a woman. She’s dead. Did I kill her? Did she kill herself? I have to get rid of the body. There’s a cliff with a sluice that goes down to a river nearby. I know because someone told me it would be a great place to dump a body, but only if it is disfigured first. I have an image of vats of chemicals in the desert where the mob disposes of bodies. I imagine being part of that and see myself throwing up. “It’s the heat!” They yell, but I know it’s not. What am I doing? This isn’t me. When I come out of the daydream, the body is gone. I feel relieved and start to clean up. The blood won’t come out of the inside of a cabinet so I cover it up with a cloth. Just when I’m done, a neighbor comes over. She barges in and I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t want to seem suspicious so I do nothing. She goes into the bloody cabinet to find something. I’m frozen. She pulls back the cloth, sees the blood, and then looks at me. I can see she doesn’t understand until she sees my face, guilt-ridden. She hastily makes a retreat and I collapse moaning, “What have I done? What have I done?”


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