Stuck in School

Dream: 30/7/2016

I’m in some sort of school. We go to class on a giant bus with rows of seats stacked on either side like an auditorium. There’s a physically disabled kid that I’m friends with and try to help. Everything I do seem to make things worse though. I think it will be helpful, but it’s not. In the end, I give up and sit down. I don’t like the teacher. I’m bored. I run my tongue over my teeth and realize that one is going to fall out. I tug at it, and it falls into pieces in my palm. They’re rotten to the core. I freak out and run to the bathroom. When I look in the mirror, I see all my teeth are there. They are perfect, but when I feel the area with my tongue there’s a gap. It worries me. I go back to class. Channing Tatum is there, but he’s leaving. He talks about how acting frees the soul and school is a waste of time. I deride him, not because I think he’s wrong, but because I know he’s right but I don’t want to get in trouble


This reminds me of the dream I wrote about in Done with School. In that dream, I’m completely ready to leave school and I stand up to the teachers. In this dream, I’m ready to leave school, but I’m still afraid of the teachers and the power they have over me. I’m conflicted. I feel like my education closed off certain parts of me [represented by the disabled child], and that no matter what I do, I still can’t seem to access them. I’m bored with the status quo and I want things to change, but something holds me back. I see lots of other people moving forward and living their dreams and instead of being supportive, I’m jealous. I guess there’s still a big part of me that’s afraid.


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