Dark Shapes

Dream 9/7/2016

I’m in some kind of lab. I’m on an escalator. For some reason, I miss the get off point and the escalator carries me down into the dark basement. I’m going to be chopped by the blades. I take my socks off and stuff them into the gears. The escalator stops. I look around, wondering if there’s a phone. I decide I don’t want to stay in the basement a second longer and climb back up the escalator. When I get back to the top, I see a lab tech carrying tons of stuff. I think, “Cool, I’ll follow this guy and I can tell them about the broken escalator.” Only I realize he’s stealing the equipment and pawning it off. There’s a whole industry where people are buying stolen lab equipment, particularly safety glasses (the big ones that shield half your face). I decide to leave the building. I see my friends (two guys). They’re moving somewhere. They stick a recycling bin in the car and I know there is no where for us to sit. Suddenly, another car comes and we all pile in. They’re playing some kind of game, which is giving off dark shapes. They don’t believe it’s effecting other people until Anastasia and I say so. They keep playing. Suddenly, there are dark shapes everywhere. They’re getting at me, pulling at me. Someone wraps their arm around my head/neck. I bite at their arm. I know I can say no. I stop fighting and yell “NO! NO! NO!”, and somehow an invisible chain that was on my wrist breaks. I wake up.

Also, at some point in this dream, I’m sitting with two old ladies. I know there are socks in a nearby drawer. I get up and take them, putting them on. One of the women tells me I shouldn’t cover my feet. Her friend tells her to leave me alone. My feet are my feet!


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