Into the Mall

Dream 5/7/2016

I’m with James. We really need to get into the mall. We see a door cracked open. It goes into a clothing store. We go inside. I look at some really weird sweaters, but I know I’m not going to buy anything. We only used it as a way in. The lady who runs the store knows, but she doesn’t seem to mind. We exit the shop and head into the mall. James goes to the help desk. He’s searching for something. I want to return a candle, but while he’s talking, I play with it, ripping off the label and lighting the wick. When he comes back, I realize I can’t return it now. I spend a second trying to put the label back on but eventually give up. I wonder if I’m meant to have the candle. I notice that there’s another label under the one I tore off. It shows people in prison bars. I keep trying to match the windows up on the labels, trying to free the people but it doesn’t work.


I don’t know what this dream means, if it means anything at all. It’s weird that the candle (which normally represents light) is connected to being in prison (which represents the punishment for falling into darkness by breaking society’s rules). There’s also definitely something about societal expectations [the mall].


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