Exploring the Seedy Hotel

Dream: Undated

I’m walking into some kind of hotel. I expect it to be beautiful and spacious, but instead it’s seedy and full of prostitutes. I make my way through the corridors, knowing that everything will be okay if I just get to the center. Along the way, I run into Elaine. She says, she needs my help at dawn on the beach. I nod and say I’ll be there. There’s heaps of time til then, so I decide to explore the hotel. I end up sitting with a beautiful blonde man. He’s watching a show. We play games and I think he’s really cool. Then suddenly, I hear my parents calling and I run out without saying goodbye. My parents put me in a car and start to drive away. I remember my promise to Elaine and jump out of the moving vehicle.


I think this dream is about moving forward instead of back. I’m finding my way towards a new way of being, but in that process, I’m in transition [hotel] and things feel uncertain and uncomfortable. I have friends who are helping me along the way [Elaine and the blonde man], but my past sometimes pull me back [my parents]. At first, I let myself revert back to the old ways [I get in the car], but then I realize what I’m doing and choose the new way [I jump out of the car].


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