Alley Competition

Dream: Undated, sometime in early 2015

I’m laying in some kind of alley, staring upwards. Several stories up, rubber power lines crisscross the alley. There is some kind of competition. People are climbing ladders to get to the top and the organizers are yelling for people to get up there while there’s still space. I decide I want to go, but can see there’s no space on the ladders. I run and jump up the wall, bouncing from thing to thing until I reach an appropriate level just beneath the power lines. One of the judges nods at me. I feel like a Neanderthal compared to how beautiful and skilled all the other competitors are. The judges say something and suddenly everyone starts climbing frantically, grabbing the power lines and hoisting themselves up. I can’t find one to climb. Then I see a broken one in front of me and I leap and climb up that. I make it to the top and then the organizers tell us all it’s done. People start heading for the ladders to get back down. One guy jumps straight to the ground. I’m not that good, but I manage to get down quite fast and land safely. I have no idea what it was all for though. One of the other competitors says something about how the presence of the organizers actually makes us more like ninjas.


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