3 A.M. Thought #5

My life is just beginning. I was not present for most of my childhood. I dissociated. My family confused and hurt and scared me. When I got older, I ran away. I literally moved across the world to get away from them. Except in moving away, I learned that I couldn’t leave my problems behind. They came with me. I had to face myself if I wanted my life to change. Ground zero. Since then, it’s been a journey of healing, of bringing the pieces back to together one-by-one. The major things I’ve learned:

  • Emotions are guides
  • Anger is a guardian angel, a protective force
  • I must take full responsibility for my life
  • It’s important to love and connect to my child self, but I can’t live from it. I have to be an adult.
  • I cannot and should not heal or try to take on anyone else’s pain. The only thing I can do is to come alongside and support them in their journey.
  • God is what I choose believe in, not what anyone told me to believe
  • I have to think for myself!

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