Earth Compass

Meditation Dream: Undated

Note: With intuitive information, there’s always a question of trusting it while also using discernment.  This meditation is a good examples of that. Half of it feels right and the other half has no energy at all.

I am born out of an egg, my skin peeling off. I stand under a waterfall and wash away the old. I walk forward strong and pure towards my guides. They each put a flower in my hair and I consciously choose to let go of everything I carry for other people and against myself. Then Pelee comes and surrounds me with fire. It surges through my body. She and I have work to do together. A being with blue moving lines all over comes and gifts me a sort of compass. He says, “It’s part of your task to map out the Earth grid and bring it into consciousness.” Then an Egyptian woman comes forward and taps my 3rd eye. She said, it’s time I remember my Egyptian past. An image of a man and woman having sex on an altar fill my vision. Apparently their work helps activate people through physical pleasure and union.


I always wonder if the messages that come through meditative dreaming are symbolic or direct. I know they can be either, but sometimes it’s hard for me to tell the difference.  Pelee and the fire and the compass make complete sense to me as direct messages. Especially since I now work with Earth energy and the elemental realms all the time. But the Egyptian part of the meditation has no resonance at all. It’s weird. Although I know lots of intuitives and psychics who believe they lived in Egypt at some time, I’m not convinced I was ever there.




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