Saved by Grandma

Dream: Undated, sometime in late-2014

I only wrote down fragments of this dream, so it might seem a bit disjointed… A house explodes. A grandma without legs pulls a young boy to the evacuation site where they’re given a patch of grass. Hundreds of people are there. There are two big men sitting with the grandma and boy, but they don’t help look after the kid. The woman next to them comes over and says, “I see what this is. A grandma, a lad, and two guards. You’re with the government!” She then attempts to blackmail them. The grandma looks weary. She blackmailed the government herself to get the kid. She knows that if she gives the lady what she wants, they’ll take the kid away.


I’m not sure what this dream means. I suspect it is something about my inner child [the kid] feeling that she is somehow a source of problems or dangers [the grandma risks her life to save the kid and is then blackmailed].  As a child, I felt unwanted and uncared for. So, I guess the dream could be showing me that I have a deep belief and fear about being a problem or burden to my parents/family. That’s a pretty serious base chakra issue and very existential. If I’m a burden to my family, then I’m a burden to the universe. If I’m a problem for them, then I’m a problem for God. And if I’m a burden to the universe and a problem for God, do I even have the right to exist?


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