Live, Die, Repeat

Dream: Undated, sometime in 2014

I’m a detective in a crime ridden city. I finally find a guy that loves me and I just want to go home with him. I get cornered by a street gang. I make a wrong move and get killed. I think ‘F**k’, and then the end game screen comes up and I realize it’s a game. It says “Start Over or Go Back To Last Decision?” I really really want to be with the guy who won’t remember me if I start over. So, I go back to the last decision. I do something else, but they kill me again. This happens a few times, until I do something drastic. Rather than fight, I turn and run and get hit by a car full of stolen drugs. No indication if I live or die after that, but one of the gang members comes over and says he can’t wait for Game 2.


Definitely influenced by the movie Edge of Tomorrow… In terms of meaning, I think the dream is about how we repeat the same cycle or pattern over and over again until we finally decide we’ve had enough. At that point, we’re willing to risk the possible hazards of new choices and the unknown. It doesn’t always have a happy ending, but at least we’ve broken free of an endless repetitive loop!


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  1. Hello Walkthesacredearth,

    When I saw the title for this post the film Edge Of Tomorrow was my first thought, Live. Die. Repeat. is also the film’s tagline and alternate title, in fact the DVD cover for this film at the local library where I work has Live. Die. Repeat. in big letters like it is the title and Edge Of Tomorrow only appears in small letters at the bottom right corner where you can barely see it.

    Repeating dreams can be interesting but also frustrating sometimes, my most recent repeating dream was probably the one in my post called Zombie Babies?.

    Thank you for sharing your dream,
    -John Jr


  2. Ah! Copy and paste completely messed up my reply… I love that movie. I’m pretty sure this dream was my brain trying to turn that movie into memory and teach me something at the same time. Hence, #multitasking. I haven’t had a recurring dream in ages! This dream definitely has repeat sequences, but that’s a bit different.

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    1. Hello Walkthesacredearth,

      Thank you for explaining that, I was wondering what happened there. 😀

      I liked the film as well when I watched it, but I have only seen it once.

      Thank you for replying,
      -John Jr


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