Zipline Through Crevasses

Dream: Undated sometime in mid-2014

We’re taking the railway somewhere, only it’s not a normal railway. It’s actually a zipline that goes along the tracks through a series of crevasses. The people at the station put me in a harness and I hang from the rail. Then they shove me off and I pass through the first tiny corridors of rock. I keep thinking the cargo, which is hanging just below me, won’t make it through, but it does! When we get to the end of the zipline, the station workers want to put us on a train with seats that face all directions. I choose a seat that faces forwards, but the seat really hurts. They pass me a seat that faces backwards and we change it out. I keep feeling like I need to strap in again, but they assure me I don’t.


Here’s what I wrote at the time: I feel like I’m on a journey that’s exciting and dangerous but also directed. It’s like I’m following a path that other people have blasted out. At some point, I’m going to have to blast my own way through.

This is clearly a reference to how I felt about the counseling course that I was on. And the seat change is an interesting metaphor because I started the course in order to gain a skill and move forward in my life, but to really do that I first had to deal with own past trauma [i.e. I had to face backwards in order to go forwards].


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