Killing Zombies

Dream: Undated sometime in mid-2014

I’m waiting in a room with a bunch of people. We’re waiting our turn to take a test where we kill zombies. Everyone is talking about how they want to kill hundreds of them and they’re keeping their guns. They talk about feeling vs mentality. Several people go before me. When it’s my turn, I’m not nervous. I’m eating a blueberry muffin on a plate. I decide to take it with me. The others think I’m crazy. How will I hold my gun if I’ve got a muffin in my hand? When I get into the house, there are zombies everywhere covered in blood and spazzing out. I worry that the other people were right. I can’t really access my guns. But then it finally comes to me, the zombies aren’t paying me any attention. I climb up the stairs in the house and finally one comes after me. I shoot at it and somehow get it to follow me outside. I shoot at it again and it falls down. I know I have to crush its head, but I keep smashing at its ribs with the heel of my boot until the lungs/ribs crack. Then I wake up.


The zombies represent my own inner demons. They’re in my head (i.e. inside a house in the dream). The dream is a metaphor for how I felt about the group therapy work I was involved in at the time. I felt like everyone in the group was afraid of dealing with their own trauma. So in the dream, the people I’m with run through the house (which represents their own way of seeing the world), shooting at random. Sometimes they nail a zombie (work something out), sometimes they don’t. It’s different for me. I intentionally go in looking for one that’s ready, and the other zombies don’t bother me. Maybe I already know that I’m infected (i.e. I recognize the zombies as just unhealed parts of me), while the others don’t. In the dream, I bring the issue [the zombie] out into the light [outside] and kill it [deal with it]. Only I have to deal with it emotionally, so I end up smashing the heart area not the head. I’m carrying a blueberry muffin because that was my favorite food as a child. Holding it represents that I was ready to deal with my childhood trauma. The childhood issue that was ready to be healed [i.e. the zombie that followed me] recognized this and came into the light for healing.


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