Asking #1

*I often write questions or requests [an asking] in my dream journal. A lot of them get answered in dreams, a lot of them don’t. In the interest of showing how I developed mentally and emotionally alongside my dream life and how my intentions often triggered dreams, I’ve decided to include these questions. Some are sincere, some sound ridiculous, and some are just the outpourings of a person in pain. But they’re all relevant to my journey, so here they are.

An Asking: Undated sometime in mid-2014

I ask to meet my soul. I invite you to come meet me. I love you. Come home. I hear you calling me. I ask to remember. I ask to be shown the root of my self-hatred and self-punishment. Help me find any part of me that remains frozen in my childhood. How can I be of service? What is my purpose?


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