My Uncle’s House

Dream: Undated sometime in mid-2014

I live with my uncle. It’s okay there, but then one day I find out that he’s been trying to sleep with one of my friends. I decide to go to California to live with my mom, but at the last minute I change my mind. I go back to my uncle’s house and change my shape and my clothes to see what he’ll do. I go to him for help. At first, he’s really helpful. Then he decides he wants me and he tries to force it. I start trying to break dishes to alert someone, but I find out they’re all teflon. The dishes won’t break. My uncle is getting more and more agitated. I get scared and reveal myself and then accuse him. He tries to say it never happened, but then he slips up saying “it’s not like the other 4 times.” I decide to move out. I get my things and find my face is covered in streaks of blue paint. I try to wipe them off, but the blue spreads and is really difficult to get off. I notice the blue has gone down and stained my shirt and I wake up.


No idea. There’s definitely themes about male dominance and patriarchial belief systems [I live in my uncle’s house and he sees women as sex objects]. When I try to get away, I get covered in blue paint. According to some dream websites, this could mean that fortune and luck are coming my way. So possibly the dream is saying that when I finally shake off the patriarchial beliefs [move out], my life will change for the better. But the truth is I really don’t know how to interpret this one…


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