Appointment Issues

Dream: Undated sometime in mid-2014

I go to see K, my healer, but I miss my appointment. I book one for a day later, but when I arrive it turns out a student healer will be running my session. The student is late though, and there’s lots of people in the healing space. I keep thinking that the student will get distracted. When she gets there, she says she’s late because of Zumba. I want to tell K that I asked for her instead, but I get the feeling she switched me out deliberately. The healing is about to start, so I go outside to use the bathroom. A lady comes up to ask me what we’re doing. At first I say it’s a church group, then I say spiritual development.


This dream is clearly processing some of the events that happened on the counseling course I was attending. K taught the course and had been my healer for a long time before it started. However, I felt uncomfortable because the healer/client boundaries are different than the teacher/student boundaries, and K refused to address that. It strained our relationship to say the least. Also, the last sentence points to my deep feelings about the course. It was advertised as a spiritual development course, and it had many aspects which definitely contributed in that direction. At the same time, a lot of the course was taught in a ‘you must believe this’ way. Since leaving and having my own clients, I have found that most of the teachings were frameworks of understanding at best and restrictive labels at worst. Unfortunately, they were taught as absolutes, similar to how religious beliefs are taught in church.


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