Python in the Lake

Dream: Undated sometime in 2014

I’m standing with a crowd of people on a lake edge. The crowd is looking at something. A small snake appeared and I pointed at it. “That’s just what we’ve got here,” a lady near me says sounding annoyed. A little boy points at the water and a giant python emerges. I freeze. I’ve been chased by a python before and they have a perfect sense of smell. I turn and run. I go in the back gate of my parent’s house and shut it. I see their cats sitting in the yard. I know I’m not safe outside. I need to be indoors. I head towards the door, but the way is blocked by spiderwebs. I look for something to break them up with and pick something up covered in crawling insects, but it means I just trade one fear for another. I use my shirt to break up the spiderwebs and run inside. The crawling insects are all over me, but I know a shower will get rid of them. I go to take a shower and wake up.


I didn’t write anything at the time. Here’s my current thoughts. Again, I’m looking into my emotional life [the lake] but this time I’m being observed [the crowd]. This could be a reference to group therapy work I did during a 2-year counseling course I had just started in 2014. According to some dream dictionaries, snakes can mean deep healing/transformational work. Maybe I felt like the course wanted to deal with small stuff [the small snake] and I had bigger trauma [the python] to deal with? Or perhaps I was noticing small emotional issues (comfort zone), but the one male on the course kept bringing up huge ones? Either way the big trauma scared me, so I tried to revert to old belief systems [family house with the entrance blocked by spiderwebs]. In the process, I reactivated all my old fears. To come back to balance I needed to cleanse my whole system [take a shower]. Not sure what the cats represent…perhaps that my instinctual self knew that none of my fears were real/justified?


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