Orcas in Atlanta

Dream: Undated, sometime in 2014

I was with dad and Amber on the docks of the Atlanta. We were talking to one of the fishermen who said he’d seen orcas, heaps of them. He said they’d started to like the port almost as much as Atlantis. The problem with going to see them was the birds. Apparently crows circled over the boats and attacked the passengers. I had an image of me curled up into a ball protecting my neck and eyes from being plucked out. Dad was joking about getting his gun. The guy looked at him and said he’d probably want it. I didn’t want to see the orcas anymore. I was too scared.


What do these animals mean to me? Orcas are powerful and graceful, but they are also cold-blooded with killer extincts. Crows are smart and loud. I guess the dream is about how I find the powerful/instinctual part of myself [the orca] fascinating, but it also frightens me because it’s not necessarily acceptable. My intellect [the crow] keeps me safe by attacking me whenever I move towards knowing or experimenting with that part of myself. I find this dream so interesting now because I’m just reading some of the Seth Books and many of them are about how we need to get back in touch with our basic impulses if want to live happy, fulfilled lives.


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