Even Elephants Have Needs

Dream: Undated, sometime in 2014

There was an elephant running around my parent’s neighborhood. My mom was talking about her her neighbor hid in the fridge until he was gone. I walked into another room and the elephant was there. It was eating. I was frightened. I went to another room. There was a fridge. I decided to hide in it and hope that the elephant went away. I was scared of being stuck in the fridge forever. The elephant ripped the door off the fridge and ate it. I realized he wasn’t scary. He was just hungry. No one would give him what he needed, so he went on a rampage instead. I went back to the kitchen and told my mom where the elephant was. Her response was cold, that it needed to be “taken care of” as though she could surgically remove it from her house. Jaime was cooking. She said she was worried about what people would say.


The elephant represents my need for love and my anger at not receiving it from my family? I didn’t get my needs met as a child. So as an adult, I went around destroying things (i.e. my connection with my family) and making other people angry in the process. It’s obvious that no one will talk about the lack of love in the family system, so it became “the elephant in the room”. Everybody tries to ignore it by numbing out and being cold [hiding in fridges], but it’s too big a problem to ignore. Interesting to note that the elephant is hungry (i.e. just wants love) and that if it got love, it would be beautiful and full of wisdom.


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