Baggage in the Park

Dream: Undated sometime in 2014

I’m on a fieldtrip to the Sequoias. We’re talking about land management. We come to a hill where heaps of luggage has been left behind. On the side of the hill, sheep intestines are hung up on wires. Mary Anne goes over to inspect them. Everyone else starts tearing up the luggage and taking what they want. We get told that stuff gets left all the time and that once every 3 months the park carts it away.


Not sure. I didn’t write any thoughts down at the time. Maybe the intestines represent people’s inner guts/feelings. Out in nature, they’re on display for all to see and people like MA (who’s a social scientist) are curious about them. Everyone else is curious about other people’s baggage (thoughts, judgements, likes, dislikes, etc…) and is constantly deciding what they want to take from the pile instead of creating themselves anew. Interesting that we’re in a nature preserve and talking about land management. It’s almost as though that natural, gut-level self needs to be controlled… Not sure what the 3 month cycle is about though. It’s the length of a season, which I guess is how often Mother Nature changes her clothes. Maybe it’s a metaphor for how often we recreate ourselves in an endless cycle?


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